a) Promotion of coffee processing and value added product SMEs;

b) Business development support across entire coffee value chain;

c) Promotion and facilitating setting up of agribusiness enterprises;

d) Earn while you learn program for the university students.

Value Propositions

CURAD is dedicated to the development of agribusiness enterprises, through nurturing start-ups and SME’s in in the region that will lead to job and wealth creation.  CURAD offers the following services;

a. Business establishment and development support services

  1. Business plan development
  2. Facilitating access to finance
  3. Capacity building through core trainings
  4. Exposure exhibitions, workshops and conferences
  5. Facilitating the up-scaling of entrepreneurial innovations
  6. Mentoring and nurturing business ideas
  7. Marketing linkage
  8. Support with accounting/financial management
  9. Create linkages with strategic partners
  10. Product barcode purchase
  11. Facilitate contractual and legal services
  12. Intellectual property management

b. Business establishment and soft-landing

  1. Office space for start-ups and SMEs
  2. Production equipment for selected agro products
  3. Space for production up-scaling
  4. Anchor tenancy
  5. Soft finance and angel investor opportunities
  6. High-speed internet access Promotion of value addition to agricultural products

c. Promotion of value addition to agricultural products

d) Commercializing innovations, technologies and formulation of a new intellectual property policy

e) Investment in commercialization of innovations from universities and research organizations by the private sector

    1. Encourage the uptake of innovations by the private sector for profit
    2. Accelerate the dissemination and uptake of novel agro technologies by the consumers.