Application Guidelines                                              

In order to apply, the applicants should log onto the CURAD website Applicants can either download the application form from the website and send by email to, , or apply online starting 16/06/17 and ending 16/08/17.

Thereafter, all applicants must complete the information below and answer the questions within the character limits indicated.  This document is simply a guide to help applicants in formulating their answers prior to completing the application.

Step One: Category

The first step is to determine in which category or sector you want to compete.  It will, however, be at CURAD’s discretion to move you to another category if CURAD feels you can be more competitive there.

Step Two: Type of Business

Define your stage of business development based on the definitions below. Please indicate what description below best defines where you are with your business.  We would also like to know how many people you employ at this point in time.

Start-Up: If your business is at the start-up phase, you will be in the very first stage of gathering the necessary market intelligence to start your business. You may just be at the idea stage or just beginning to look for finance and technical support to launch your business.  

New: If you are a new enterprise, then your business will have been operational for more than 6 months, but less than 3,5 years.  At this stage, you should be looking for further support to grow or expand your business or to create more jobs and take it to the next level.

Emerging: If you are an emerging or embryonic enterprise, then you will already be in the first phase of starting up your business. Typically, these enterprises have been operating for six months or less and may need further technical and financial support to fully establish themselves.

Existing: If you are an established enterprise then you will have been in operation for more than 3,5 years.  Most businesses at this stage need further support to grow or expand in order to create more jobs. 

Step Three: Applicant Information

Complete the information below so we can get to know more about you.

Step Four: Business Concept

Answer the questions below within the character limits indicated.  When completing the application, exceeding these limits will not be allowed.

Please review your answers carefully.  Applicants will be notified by email on the 5th of August, 2016 whether they have been shortlisted or not.  Please re-visit the website to view the key dates and events if you are unsure of the process.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted.