How do i benefit from the CURAD programme

The Consortium for enhancing University Responsiveness to Agribusiness Development Limited (CURAD) is an agribusiness incubator owned Makerere University, NUCAFE and the National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO).

CURAD is an agribusiness incubator with an aim of supporting young men and women students, graduates and other SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) to grow and develop their innovative agribusiness ideas.

CURAD recognizes that its clients are the reason for it to succeed and be known as the center for excellence in nurturing agribusiness start-ups, creation of jobs and enhancing incomes for the young men and women in East Africa. Students and graduates will learn on-the-job-entrepreneurial skills and to a certain extent the programme will stimulate them to become passionate in what they aspire to be. They will be motivated and provoked to come up with innovative agribusiness entrepreneurial ideas that will be turned into business for them to realise their dreams come true.

The parents and guardians will have to pay a modest fee for their children and they will receive an apprenticeship though at a lower rate than they will earn once their incubation period is complete. we plan to have both resident and non-resident students / graduates. while on the job and learning, the students will establish contacts and have exposure to many agribusinesses of different forms. This is all meant to increase their opportunities in creating successful businesses other than looking for jobs that are difficult to find.

The students will be members of CURAD and as much as they will have to pay a membership fee as a family member of CURAD, naturally the father and mother curad will hand-hold the students to develop their own agribusiness ideas. The programme will be strongly marketed to the general public and will be very competitive for those who will receive contributions towards tuition and stipend and to a certain extent those that will be nonresident and will not receive any contribution.

The students will be supported to come up with bankable business plans. CURAD will link the students / graduates with innovative agribusiness ideas to financial institutions, development partners and government programmes to access money to implement their ideas. This programme will be headed by an experienced entrepreneur and doctoral scholar specialising in entrepreneuership to unleash a wealth of business experience for the benefit of the benefit of clients. he will closely work with the students, organise business round-tables with investors, organise guest speakers and also get the students exposed to new technologies, processes, products/services beginning with coffee and then move to other agricultural value chains. students will be offered virtual services such as access to office facilities at modest rates.

CURAD also host the new graduates as interns to undergo the learn as you earn programme.

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